How to manage payday loans and savings in times of crisis

We have already underlined how the period of economic crisis negatively affects household spending capacity and credit disbursement : if the available budgets are limited, more attention must be paid to outflows, including any installments of loans to be repaid.

If you have purchases or large expenses in the program, give yourself a maximum budget not to be exceeded. Consider also the maximum amount that you can repay every month when you decide to apply for a loan (” power of mortgage purchase “). If you choose to apply for a loan, whether it is finalized or not, analyze your economic situation over the entire duration of the contract before signing it.

It is very important to be attentive to the clauses and expense items that are proposed to you, to avoid finding you, under a contract already signed, with expenses that you did not foresee and that could put you in difficulty. Then check the pre-contractual information and the information that must be present in the contract.

Once you have this information, you can find the offer that best meets your needs and allows you not to exceed the budget you have set. To monitor your financial situation both at the time of access to credit, and in the repayment period of the installments, you can contact Advanti, a tool that allows you to plan debt in a conscious and sustainable way.

If these tips are valid for evaluating your financial situation and making appropriate choices, you should not forget creditworthiness. Have you always repaid the installments of your previous loans on time? Have you always been “good payers”? If you answered yes to the two questions, the information about you in the Credit Information Systems will be positive and you probably will not have trouble getting a new loan.

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