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You are looking for a loan, but you have no idea how much money you can borrow. It is useful to know which factors account for your loan amount. When asked how much money you can borrow you can not find a ready answer. Everyone is unique and is therefore in a different situation with different wishes and needs. Although there is not one concrete answer to give, you can get a better picture of the possibilities in your situation. You can find information about the factors that play a role here and what you need to look out for when you take out a loan.

Get payment direct payday loan

Everybody lends money sometimes, so taking out a loan is not uncommon, in fact, more than half of some purchases are financed through loans. Well-known examples are buying a house and a car. The majority also lends money to finance a new bathroom or kitchen. A means of payment such as a credit card is also a form of borrowing that many people use. The amounts we borrow are quite varied. Borrowing ten euros from a friend, an advance on your income to repair the broken dishwasher to borrow tons when entering into a mortgage loan. But what is the upper limit of a particular loan you wonder? With some lenders, you have to fill in a comprehensive and complicated list of questions before you know how much you can borrow. This is not easy and also takes a lot of time. Logical that you are not waiting for that, especially when you are only busy with orientation. It is possible, based on practical examples, to get a picture of what you can borrow as much as possible. It is often very practical and helpful to know that with your income you should rather think of a loan of up to 700 euros instead of a loan of 5000 euros. How much you can borrow depends on a number of things. The supply of loans is large and there are many suppliers on the market. There are therefore many differences between the various offerings for payment direct payday loan, each with their conditions and you may review them. You can count on the fact that your (fixed) income is the most decisive factor for the amount of the amount that you can borrow.

Net income and family situation

Net income is the most important factor for lenders to calculate how much you can borrow. You can borrow more if you have a high income and have few costs. Are you the only breadwinner? Then you can usually borrow less than when there are two incomes. Costs are always deducted from the monthly income. Costs that take a big bite out of your budget are things like gas, water, electricity, and rent. Open loans also cost money and these costs are included in the calculation for your loan. Does your family consist of several children with one breadwinner? This may have more influence on a loan than a family that consists of two-income households without children. Much depends on your net income and your capacity. For people with a low income, for example, other forms of lending exist for which they are eligible.

Monthly payment

Your repayment capacity is also important for the calculation of your loan. This is how much you want and can repay monthly, this affects the term of the loan. A general rule is that your monthly repayment cannot exceed one-third of your income. One lender is stricter with the conditions for monthly repayment than the other. You can assume that your credit history is a factor that plays a role and is tracked. If you have paid off previous loans without problems, you will generally not experience any problems when taking out a loan. If this is not the case and there is default in the past or outstanding debts, this can have a strong influence on the application for a loan.

Purpose of the loan

People have different goals to take out a loan. A car loan is usually used to finance a new car. Obviously, there are different rules and conditions for a car loan than for a mortgage or personal loan. The purpose of the loan therefore also partly determines the amount that you can borrow. With a specific goal, such as the purchase of a car, you borrow the amount needed for the purchase of the car. When buying a house you will have to deal with a mortgage loan. With this form of lending, the house is collateral which ensures that the interest rate falls because the risk for the lender decreases. In the event of default, the lender may then seize the property.

Calculate your loan

Do you have a temporary money requirement or is it time for a new kitchen? Whatever need you have, help in the form of a loan is often necessary. Of course, you prefer a cheap loan that also fits your personal situation. When you take out a loan you will be faced with monthly repayments. Responsible borrowing is done by ensuring that the monthly repayments fit within your budget. If you do not do this, you run the risk of getting into financial problems. Responsible borrowing also means that the loan offers a solution and is not the cause of problems. How can you best prevent this and make an estimate in advance? The answer to this question is simple. You simply use our loan simulator, this is completely free and without costs. This way you get an overview and an indication of the amount that you can borrow and what that means for your monthly expenses. With this calculation module, it is also easier to find a suitable loan. In addition, it reduces the chance that you will face unpleasant surprises in the long term. Moreover, this simulator can give you the decisive factor that you needed to enter into a specific loan.

The First Loan of 3000 PLN for Free

Through Akiracash, as part of the first loan, we will be able to borrow up to PLN 3000 for free, and up to PLN 8,000 for subsequent loans.

Today’s guest is a company specializing in providing payday services. Akiracash is a completely new brand on the market of this type of loans, which has the chance to attract the attention of potential customers interested in obtaining additional cash. Already under the first loan, we can get a loan of up to PLN 3000 through Akiracash.

The first loan is 3000 PLN for free.

The first loan is 3000 PLN for free.

This is undoubtedly one of Akiracash’s main points. The first loan in the company is completely free, provided we meet the two most important points of the regulations. First, as with most of such promotions, we must be a new customer of a company that has never used the company’s services before. In addition, in order for this first loan to be fully free, we have to pay back the entire amount borrowed on time and we will have no more than 30 days for it.

Up to PLN 8,000 on subsequent loans.

Up to PLN 8,000 on subsequent loans.

Equally interesting what the offer for new customers presents is also an offer that is addressed to people who will be interested in reaching for more loans in Akiracash. If we develop a permanent customer status in our company, we can obtain a loan of up to PLN 8,000 via the company. This is undoubtedly the highest meeting limit I have met so far.

Who will get a loan through Akiracash?

Who will get a loan through Akiracash?

A person with 20 years of age, having a bank account, a valid ID card and a mobile phone number may apply for the loan. As one of the few companies, Akiracash allows you to postpone the loan repayment date by 7, 14 or 30 days at an additional cost. The loan repayment date can only be extended once.

As I mentioned earlier, the Akiracash company is a new and little-known company on the popular payday market. However, it is not difficult to notice that their offer stands out significantly from the crowd. The company responsible for activities under the name of Akiracash is with its registered office in Warsaw at ul. Postępu 18B, 02-676 Warsaw. From the company’s registration documents, we can also learn that Fincapital Sp. z o. o. is an intermediary between the client and the loan company. This means that the company is not a direct lender, but only an intermediary who will help us obtain a specific loan amount. At no additional charge from the person interested in receiving the loan.

Refinance of a Cash Loan Finances Cheap Credit

Credit is becoming more and more popular

Research shows that in our country a lot of people take cash loans. This parameter is actually increasing year by year. It should be emphasized that such financial products can be used to finance many aspects. Some people take cash loans because they want to have money for holidays, organize family celebrations or buy a new car, etc. There are really many possibilities. What should you do when you took out a cash loan under time pressure and did not carefully consider the financial conditions, so you have to pay unattractive – from your point of view – installments of each subsequent month?

Refinance of a cash loan

Refinance of a cash loan

Fortunately, there is a way out of this situation. It is refinancing a cash loan. It should be emphasized that a lot of people are choosing such a solution. However, this can not be surprising. It must be emphasized that it is nothing else but the transfer of the current commitment to another institution. It often happens that people quickly need cash. Therefore, they decide on the first of the offer that will fall into their eye. It is not uncommon for them to be attractive in financial terms. It should be emphasized that many people are aware of this aspect only when they have to pay the installment… Does it sound not quite serious? Unfortunately, this is a frequently occurring situation. However, nothing prevents you from refinancing a cash loan. It is worth noting that there is no shortage of foreign or domestic banks that offer this option. Thanks to that you can definitely pay less money on this account. Often financial conditions are much better, which, of course, translates into the state of the portfolio.

What to do to refinance a cash loan is a good choice

What to do to refinance a cash loan is a good choice

This time you have to spend a moment of your free time to compare the available offers. There are many different types of rankings on the Internet. A comparison of banking institutions operating in this category will definitely help you choose the best possible refinancing of a cash loan. It is very important to pay attention to a parameter such as rrso. This is the actual annual interest rate that best shows all the costs associated with a specific financial product. No wonder that there is no shortage of people who are guided by these tips. This is a great way to get a profitable refinancing of a cash loan, pay lower installments and simply enjoy everyday life more. It can not be concealed that high commitments often sleep with their eyelids… However, there is an effective way out of this situation.

Offer Payday Loans and Installment Loans

What is more often the new loan brands have to offer both payday loans and installment loans with a monthly repayment.

The offer Kwatro Loans Loans was briefly presented by me. This took place during the presentation of new payday available in the new year 2016 . The brand’s offer, however, is not only small loans with a short repayment period, but also long-term loans with a monthly installment.

In recent months, it can be observed as more and more companies that have so far been famous for providing payday loans, are expanding their activities to include installment loans. This has happened recently with Zengga, who in addition to payday loans also has installment loans, the same was with MetLoan and an additional brand Cryptocredit or several other companies in the loan industry.

Quarterly A loan is currently also operating on two fronts. So you will meet in their offer, both payday loans, which can be granted with a short repayment period, eg 30 or 60 days, but also a loan with a monthly installment. The repayment period of the latter can be from 2 to a maximum of 12 months. The range of loan amounts available via Kwatro Loans Loans is very wide, because in the case of small amounts we can expect a loan from 100 PLN. In the case of larger amounts, it can be up to PLN 25,000.

How does Kwatro Loans Loan work?

How does Kwatro Loans Loan work?

As you can guess, we’ll get all the paperwork online. The first step, of course, is to apply for a loan using a specially prepared application. The next step will belong to the employees of the company who will verify our data and decide on granting the loan. If the decision is positive, we will get the full amount of the loan straight to your bank account, even within an hour of submitting the application.

The basic condition for obtaining a loan is, of course, 18 years of age and possession of an ID card. It will also not be without a personal account and a mobile phone.

Small Credit: Why Small Credits Are Better Than Debt Credits

In many cases, consumers only need a smaller amount to settle outstanding bills or make an acquisition. Often an urgent car repair comes just when there are no reserves. Anyone who resorts to his discretionary credit in such a case must pay high interest rates for this. Significantly cheaper is the inclusion of a small loan. If the checking account is already overdrawn, this can be compensated with a small loan and high costs can be saved. There is no exact definition for a microcredit. In general, this means loans with an amount between 500 and 5,000 euros. If you need a lower loan, you should take a look at the subject of mini credit.

Advantages of small loans:

  • Provide short-term capital for smaller purchases and financial bottlenecks.
  • Ideal for replacing expensive discretionary loans
  • Small loans over the Internet allow a quick and easy processing of the request as well as a quick payment of the loan amount.
  • Due to the small amount, a small loan in a few installments can be traced back.
  • About an online comparison can be found in a few moments the cheapest offer

Requirements for a small loan

Requirements for a small loan

Even if a small loan involves relatively small sums, some credit requirements must also be fulfilled for this purpose. The guidelines for a lending are the same for most banks, about individual deviations inform a credit comparison or the websites of the credit institutions. As with any loan, the borrower must be at least 18 years old and have a residence in Germany. In addition, most banks require a German checking account.

Other requirements include a regular income and, if possible, a permanent employment contract. Anyone who has a fixed-term employment contract can still receive a small loan if it is valid beyond the repayment term. The income level must be proven when applying for the small loan. Employees simply add the last payroll statements. For self-employed and freelancers, the requirements are slightly higher. Depending on the size of the loan, the latest tax returns as well as profit and loss statements or a business analysis (BWA) are required.

Here are the requirements at a glance:

  • the borrower must be at least 18 years old
  • his residence must be Germany
  • a German checking account is usually required
  • a regular income must be demonstrable
  • a permanent employment contract helps

Even with small loans, the Private credit is queried

Before granting a small loan, the financial institutions carry out a credit check. This includes income as well as a query of the Private credit data. By means of such a query banks try to keep the default risk as low as possible. Among other things, banks are finding out whether the applicant is repaying further loans. In addition, the Private credit file shows how reliable payment behavior is in the past. Negative entries almost always lead to a rejection of the request. It is also conceivable that the small loan is only granted at a higher interest rate.

Small loans without Private credit

If the bank rejects the loan application due to a negative Private credit, there is still the chance of a Private credit-free microcredit. These are offered by various credit intermediaries directly via the Internet. Possible are small loans up to an amount of 3,500 euros. Since the loan is realized via a foreign bank, no query is required from Private credit. All that is required is a sufficiently high income. Such a loan could be, for example, the Swiss loan.

Before deciding on a small loan without Private credit, a few things should be considered. For example, there are some rogue vendors among the intermediaries who charge a down payment for fees and commissions. It also means hands off, if the granting of the credit is made dependent on the conclusion of an insurance. It should also be noted that the higher risk associated with Private credit-free loans requires a higher interest rate.

Small loans are flexible

A big advantage of small loans is the free choice of purpose. Whether the loan amount is used for the next vacation, a used car, a TV or to reschedule existing liabilities is completely irrelevant. This gives the borrower full flexibility and a financial room for maneuver, which would not be the case with real estate loans or car loans.

Small loans are usually offered for amounts between 500 and 5,000 euros. That is why they are used primarily to finance consumer wishes. Due to the rather small loan amount, banks usually only charge a very low interest rate. This makes the small loan an ideal alternative for a current account credit. Other debts can easily be rescheduled with a small loan, to avoid unnecessary fees for collection or reminder.

Despite the small amount, small loans can be repaid flexibly. The banks offer their small loans with up to 84 monthly installments. The monthly burden is correspondingly low. If the financial situation improves during the repayment term, the loan can of course also be repaid faster. For this purpose, borrowers should make sure that special payments and early repayment are possible for free.

Small loan with online instant confirmation

Anyone who has to settle an urgent bill with the microcredit or wants to take advantage of a short-term special offer depends on a swift decision by the bank. Branch banks, however, often spend a lot of time before they come to a decision. The whole thing goes much faster with an instant loan over the internet. Here, the applicant already knows after a few hours, whether the small loan is granted. A preliminary credit check is carried out using a standardized test procedure. For a correct examination, it is important that the applicant provides all the information needed truthfully. Misrepresentations would also make no sense, as they must be proven by documents.

How to manage payday loans and savings in times of crisis

We have already underlined how the period of economic crisis negatively affects household spending capacity and credit disbursement : if the available budgets are limited, more attention must be paid to outflows, including any installments of loans to be repaid.

If you have purchases or large expenses in the program, give yourself a maximum budget not to be exceeded. Consider also the maximum amount that you can repay every month when you decide to apply for a loan (” power of mortgage purchase “). If you choose to apply for a loan, whether it is finalized or not, analyze your economic situation over the entire duration of the contract before signing it.

It is very important to be attentive to the clauses and expense items that are proposed to you, to avoid finding you, under a contract already signed, with expenses that you did not foresee and that could put you in difficulty. Then check the pre-contractual information and the information that must be present in the contract.

Once you have this information, you can find the offer that best meets your needs and allows you not to exceed the budget you have set. To monitor your financial situation both at the time of access to credit, and in the repayment period of the installments, you can contact Advanti, a tool that allows you to plan debt in a conscious and sustainable way.

If these tips are valid for evaluating your financial situation and making appropriate choices, you should not forget creditworthiness. Have you always repaid the installments of your previous loans on time? Have you always been “good payers”? If you answered yes to the two questions, the information about you in the Credit Information Systems will be positive and you probably will not have trouble getting a new loan.

Loan in 5 minutes?

When I first visited the DuableCredit website, a new company in the loan market, I began to wonder if there is any sense in writing about it. As if their offer is to stand out from other companies providing payday – certainly not the amount of available loans or borrowing costs. Maybe it is something that the company stands out from among competing brands?

“3 minutes for registration, 1 minute for consideration of the application, 1 minute for transfer to a bank account” – this is one of the advertising slogans encouraging to reach for the DuableCredit loan. But what’s best, such a short time of granting the loan does not only apply to the company’s regular customers, but above all to those who reach for the loan for the first time. This is one of the main advantages of the company’s loans, but not the only one because the second equally important is the easy availability of loans.

What do I mean here specifically? The main thing is that in order to get the cash you need, you do not have to get too tired. In order for Lime-Credit to grant us a loan, it is enough that we are at least 18 years of age, we have an ID card and an active bank account. The company also makes it possible for people who have not the best credit history to get a loan and even applies a special “Credit history improvement” program. At the time of writing this article, however, I did not know the detailed information about this program yet.

Four loan rates: VIP, Lime Gold, Lime Silver and Lime Start.

Four loan rates: VIP, Lime Gold, Lime Silver and Lime Start.

Each of these packages differs in the amount of loans and is directed to a specific group of borrowers, depending on which loan you are reaching for. If we apply for the first loan, the system will most likely give us a Start package under which the maximum loan amount is PLN 400. The largest available limit is available under the VIP tariff and amounts to PLN 2,000. A large loan amount is not the only advantage of the VIP package as it also allows the possibility of obtaining more favorable terms of a loan or a 5-day free use of money.

A loan straight to your account or Paypal account 

A loan straight to your account or Paypal account 

DuableCredit enables you to get the cash you need either directly to our bank account, as well as to a bank card issued by Visa and Mastercard systems and a PayPal account.

Payday Loan – Small Loan

We will not find any promotion for new clients in the IsmolCredit offer, under which we will receive the first loan for PLN 0. However, we can count on it for the relatively low cost of loans.

Today, a few words about the company, which in principle has been providing loans in Poland for a long time, but somehow happened that I am writing about it only now. IsmolCredit is a company whose main specialty is short payday service, but gives them not only in Poland, but also in such countries as Estonia, Latvia or Georgia.

Payday Loan

Payday Loan

The company IsmolCredit offers payday which in the case of a new client can be up to PLN 500, in the case of subsequent loans they can, however, already use the maximum limit of PLN 3,000. The repayment period can be chosen by ourselves and we have a range of 5 to 30 days, with the option of extending the repayment date.

Costs of Loans

Costs of Loans

The costs of loans at IsmolCredit are relatively low, even more so if I compare them to other companies in the industry that provide payday loans. A loan in the amount of PLN 500 with a repayment period of 30 days will cost us not the entire stamper, more precisely – PLN 98. It means that we will have exactly 598 zlotys to give back. Slightly more expensive it will cost us to extend the repayment of the loan, but on the other hand, these are not so excessive amounts that we will meet with some competing companies.

MinCredit loans are available to people over 20 years of age, have a fixed income and are not listed in debt registers such as ERIF or KRD. As we can also read in the information for clients, in some cases a certificate of earned income may be required. However, it can be an electronic account statement, which we will download ourselves by logging in to our bank account.

To obtain a loan at IsmolCredit, we will also need 1 grosz to send a verification fee from your bank account. The loan-related formalities themselves should be dealt with very quickly and, as the company emphasizes in promotional materials, consideration of the application and sending money to the account should take place within a few minutes.