The First Loan of 3000 PLN for Free

Through Akiracash, as part of the first loan, we will be able to borrow up to PLN 3000 for free, and up to PLN 8,000 for subsequent loans. Today’s guest is a company specializing in providing payday services. Akiracash is a completely new brand on the market of this type of loans, which has the […]

Offer Payday Loans and Installment Loans

What is more often the new loan brands have to offer both payday loans and installment loans with a monthly repayment. The offer Kwatro Loans Loans was briefly presented by me. This took place during the presentation of new payday available in the new year 2016 . The brand’s offer, however, is not only small […]

Small Credit: Why Small Credits Are Better Than Debt Credits

In many cases, consumers only need a smaller amount to settle outstanding bills or make an acquisition. Often an urgent car repair comes just when there are no reserves. Anyone who resorts to his discretionary credit in such a case must pay high interest rates for this. Significantly cheaper is the inclusion of a small […]

How to manage payday loans and savings in times of crisis

We have already underlined how the period of economic crisis negatively affects household spending capacity and credit disbursement : if the available budgets are limited, more attention must be paid to outflows, including any installments of loans to be repaid. If you have purchases or large expenses in the program, give yourself a maximum budget […]